Announcing Parallels Plesk 10.4 for Hosting Service Providers – includes support for Microsoft WebMatrix and Web Deploy

I pride myself in building great teams. A core component is
that I only hire people that are either smarter, more knowledgeable or more
skilled than I am in a particular area. It can lead to heated debates but it always
leads to a better outcome. That is the approach we took with Parallels Plesk
Panel for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2.

Our latest release, Plesk 10.4 (
now available, includes support for Microsoft’s WebMatrix and Web Deploy. Web
developers can use WebMatrix or Visual Studio to develop full featured web applications
locally on their machines, and then use Web Deploy to upload them to
Plesk.  We created a powerful control panel
for Microsoft Windows that provides more features and greater functionality.

It is a complete Web hosting panel that includes integrated
design tools, a SaaS marketplace, and fully automated billing and provisioning.

Yet there is more. With the release of Plesk 10.4 comes a
refreshed Plesk Panel PowerPack which includes support for MS Microsoft SQL Server databases. 

Thank you, Microsoft for working with us on this release.

Post by:

John Zanni

Vice President, Service Provider
Marketing and Alliances at Parallels


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