Announcing Roadmap for Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosting Providers

By Hyder Ali, Industry Director, B2B Operator Channels, Microsoft


Last month Microsoft hosted its annual Worldwide Partner Conference, this year in Los Angeles. The event was a big success and as always, I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with many of our hosting partners from around the globe. We also had the opportunity to make an exciting announcement that will bring new capabilities into the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosting Providers (DDTK-H).


One thing we’ve heard our hosting partners tell us in the past year is that they want to be able to deliver hosted services that take full advantage of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 to deliver more compelling offerings for their customers.


Mike Schutz and I presented one of the breakout sessions at WPC, titled “Hyper-V Cloud: Building and Managing Enterprise Ready Public and Private Clouds”. During this session we announced an updated roadmap for the DDTK-H which will help partners take advantage of enhanced capabilities of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 to enable hosting providers to deliver the next generation of partner hosted cloud services.


We are extending the Web API support within DDTK-H for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 which delivers industry leading fabric management, virtual machine management and services deployment in private cloud environments. System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 is scheduled to release by the end of the calendar year. Also we announced that the DDTK-H capabilities will be included in future versions of System Center and be exposed as a REST API.


DDTK-H will continue to get Microsoft support for Windows Server, System Center, and SQL Server.  They can also choose to leverage System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 when it ships and we will continue to provide deployment guidance.


DDTK-H was built to simplify and lower your cost of deployment. There are many case studies that show how DDTK-H has lowered the cost and reduced time to market for Service Providers.  With this announcement, Service Providers can continue to enjoy these benefits to address market demand for cloud services.


We continue to see the DDTK-H as one of the fastest path for service providers to deploy a cloud offer. Microsoft currently has over 186 partners that are leveraging the DDTK-H today and successfully offering production services to their customers.


What I hope that partners took out of the breakout session and roadmap announcement is that Microsoft is committed to providing a hosting partner focused solution in future releases of Windows Server and System Center. This will help lower total cost of ownership and reduce time to market for our partners, allowing them to have an offer in production within weeks in some cases.

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