Microsoft WebMatrix: What it Means for Hosters

Today Microsoft announced the availability of WebMatrix, a free set of tools designed to help web developers of all skill levels easily create, customize and publish websites to the Internet. It includes tools to create new websites, using code provided through a variety of available templates or using existing free open source Web applications.

A common problem developers face is the lack of integration of their developer environments to a production environment. As a result, a web developer is forced to use a plethora of disparate tools. What I like about WebMatrix is that it has addressed this problem by enabling a developer to publish the content from within the developer environment. This presents a major opportunity for hosting providers. Once a website is ready to be published, Web developers seamlessly publish it to their own hosting provider. If they do not have a hosting provider already, WebMatrix provides a direct link to the Web Hosting Gallery rich of offerings from hosting providers that range in scalability and price based on a users’ needs. Already more than 30 hosting partners spanning 18 countries are offering web hosting services leveraging WebMatrix.

What’s exciting about WebMatrix is that it combines a great web developer platform with an application gallery of popular web applications, all with an easy to use publishing system that allows a developer to publish their content to their hosting provider from within WebMatrix.

To learn how your company can become a WebMatrix spotlight partner, check requirements at the Microsoft Web Hosting Gallery, a marketplace where hosting providers can engage with developers at the right time with the right offering at no cost.

WebMatrix and the Web Hosting Gallery are great ways to help you get access to developers when they need you the most. As always, we appreciate feedback that will help us improve the gallery for you, and would love to hear your thoughts on the Hosting Insights blog as well.

Happy Hosting.

Hyder Ali
Industry Director, Hosting
Microsoft Communications Sector

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