A Q&A about Office 365 with Viktor Kovacs, COO of Central Europe On-Demand (CE On-Demand)

Q: What is your strategy with Office 365? Will you be integrating this offering with additional services?


A: Yes. Integrating Office 365 into our portfolio aligns with our vision and business strategy of driving innovation into cloud services and the underlying technology. Office 365 will help Central Europe On-Demand (CE On-Demand) better integrate Microsoft-based solutions into our cloud portfolio and give us the opportunity to better-manage CAPEX spend on increased hosting infrastructure.

 When it rolls out, CE On-Demand)will fully embrace Office 365 as an important addition to our Cloud Services portfolio. This represents an additional choice for end-users as to service provider and content, and it will provide the opportunity to include CE On-Demand and ISV-partner-developed applications to end-users as complete Cloud-based solutions.


Q: Does the Office 365 business model work for hosting providers?


A: Today only tangentially. A stand-alone BPOS service provider will not make enough margin to run their business. However through services bundling, cross-financing, and multi-partner GTM models, the business case will work.


Q: Why is Microsoft an important partner for your business?


A: For a number of reasons. Microsoft technology is the best on the planet to provide integrated messaging, collaboration, and communications. Microsoft’s dedication to consistently innovate will insure that technical superiority in this arena remains for the mid-term. Microsoft remains a partner-oriented and partner-friendly company.  This insures that CE On-Demand will remain in a strong position as a GTM partner for these services. Cloud services continue to develop in scope and depth as a business model.  For that reason, Microsoft will always need a strong partner network to drive that level of depth and scope to the market.


Q: How does the announcement of Office 365 for small businesses affect you/impact your business?


A: Pure opportunity! This will be one of the most important drivers of the Microsoft cloud services strategy to date. It will level the playing field with other industry players like Google and Yahoo, and add a new level of competition with integrated voice, video, and web-conferencing.


About Central Europe On-Demand (CE On-Demand):

Central Europe On-Demand (CE On-Demand) is a cloud services provider in Central Europe focused on delivering secure and reliable messaging, communications and collaboration tools to all sizes of companies. CE On-Demand currently has customers and partners in eight countries. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CE On-Demand makes world-class Microsoft technologies and innovation readily available from the cloud with no major investment required. Its cloud services include: secure e-mail, voice and video communications, secure back-up and storage, web-conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM), Microsoft Online Services (MOS), and other industry-specific business productivity applications.

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