A new way to reach more customers: publish your offer in the Web Hosting Gallery

The Microsoft Web Hosting Gallery is a marketplace where you (Web Hosting providers) can engage with developers at the right time with the right offering and get this opportunity at no cost. The gallery has gone through a long testing phase and is now is available for you at no cost to help you drive business on the Microsoft platform. To celebrate this we want to address the top 3 questions that will help you get the most of participating in the gallery:

1.       How does the gallery help you engage with developers?

The gallery is used in the places where our developer community is: on Microsoft.com/Web (Microsoft Primary place for Web developers), on ASP.NET (the largest MS developer community site) and inside our developer tools (it will be integrated in WebMatrix and we will work to integrate it with Visual Studio in the future).  The integration with the tools, places the hosting offers in front of developers at the time they need it, when they want to deploy the application, this will make the Web Hosting an integral part of the application development life cycle.

2.       How will developers find your offers?

First it categorizes the offers by geography, to only show the relevant offers. Then it categorizes the offers based on their type (shared hosting, virtual server hosting, dedicated hosting and promotional offers). Lastly, the gallery highlights offers from Web Hosting companies that offer the latest Microsoft stack (these offers are marked as “spotlight” offers), so if you support the latest Microsoft stack, your offer will be more visible. Furthermore, your customers can use the search box to look for your offers.

3.       What do you need to do to get into the gallery?

To get into the gallery you need to have Windows 2008, SQL Server and ASP.NET hosting offering. Read more at: http://www.microsoft.com/web/hosting/faq.

In summary, the Web Hosting Gallery is a great venue to help you get access to developers when they need you the most. We encourage you to get on the latest Microsoft stack for hosting and to register.

Obviously, we appreciate feedback that will help us improve the gallery.

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