How Hosters are adopting BPOS advisory reseller model into their portfolio

Earlier this month at our World Wide Partner Conference we had our largest ever participation of the Telco and Hosting Service Provider community.  Last year the top question I heard from the Telco and Hosting Provider Partners was “What does this mean for me as a Microsoft Partner?” and “Is Microsoft competing with us”?  This year I saw Hosting Partners adding Microsoft Online/BPOS and Azure to their portfolio, and the question was “what is so-and-so doing, and how do I get started”.  We had 2 Hosted Exchange partners join us in a session to discuss how they are using BPOS:
·, from Germany,
o   Migrated all of its Partner Hosted base to BPOS Advisor model, eliminating their capex investments while enhancing their offering with new BPOS services, maintaining the top line revenue with bundles, and increasing revenue opportunities with the BPOS roadmap. 
o   Last year they thought Microsoft BPOS was competing with them, but they signed up to the BPOS advisory model this year to learn more, and now are All In with BPOS.
·         AutoCon, from Czech Republic,
o   Added BPOS as a 3rd option to their premises management offer, and Partner Hosted Exchange offer.  They are selecting the most appropriate offer to ensure they win the business and said they would have lost opportunities if they did not have the BPOS option.
To hear a Video of their story, go to here to listen to the HST01 WPC Session “Microsoft Online Services: What a Hosting Provider Needs to Know”.
To learn more and sign up as a BPOS Advisor Partner go to:
- Alex Danyluk

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