Hosting Providers have what SMBs want, Microsoft has what Hosting Providers want, Hosting Providers have what Microsoft wants

I just returned from Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference. This year was the first year we had dedicated hosting provider and Telco tracks. Besides attending the great parties and talking to many of you, I spent most of my time speaking with press and analysts. Over a dozen of them. Mostly I covered what was in our press release and then we talked about the industry and where it was going. This is a great time to be in hosting. Small and Medium businesses are looking to consume IT as a service.  Hosters and Telcos have the datacenter, networks and expertise to provide it. They just need to be able to provide Enterprise quality IT services. This is where we come in. Microsoft has the software and services to provide enterprise IT services. We need the channel that will enable us to get to the SMB. That is where the hoster comes in.

Congratulations to Outsourcery, Hosting Partner of the Year!

John Zanni, general manager, Worldwide Hosting, Microsoft Communications Sector

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