Let’s Make Music

I have heard many jazz musicians talk about how they love to do improv jam sessions.  They find great inspiration in those magical music making moments. 

As I heard one of these stories, I reflected on something similar that my colleague and good friend Hameed and I do.  We often have what we like to call "Friday Night Chat Sessions".  It's our own version of jam sessions, but instead of making music, we whiteboard ideas about hosting.  We theorize on where the industry is headed, try to think of new solutions and services that hosting providers can take to market, and poke holes in our theories.  When Hameed first explained his idea for the Dynamic Data Center Toolkit, he and I had a lot of fun discussing the potential of his idea. 

Yeah, I know it's pretty geeky, but it's actually one of the fun parts of my job.  Well, that and talking with partners. I would love to have these jam sessions with more partners.  Please write to me and let me know if you have something you want to jam on.  You can also jam with others in the industry on Twitter.

Monish Sood
Marketing Manager | Microsoft Hosting

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