Hosted OCS Reaching Critical Velocity to Soar into the Cloud


This week at Microsoft hosting summit, it was a good feeling to see how many partners were in market with Hosted Microsoft Office Communicator.  There were Hosted OCS partners from all corners of the globe.  When one is involved with launching new offerings with partners, you know you have reached critical velocity when the majority of partners deploying your offering you've never heard of before! Bringing business productivity functionality traditionally available to large corporations to the SMB market via Hosted OCS has truly become a reality with partner offerings.


The key discussions this year were not about if, or how to deploy UC, but how to accelerate sales even faster.  To help our Hosted OCS partners position and sell their offerings, we have created a portfolio of Marketing and Sales enablement material we call Microsoft Communication Services.  At the following Link on the Microsoft Partner Network you'll find things like a Silverlight demo for your website, Copy Block for your collateral, Battle Cards for your sales people, and messaging and positioning strategy, sample brandable brochures, etc. 


I'd like to thank the Hosting Community that has continued to invest with us in the cloud, and look forward to even faster mutual sales.


Alex Danyluk, industry marketing director, Microsoft Communications Sector

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