SharePoint 2010: Hosting Ready!

For the
past few months I have been working on an exciting project with some of our
partners to test the new hosting and multi-tenant features of SharePoint


2010 has built-in multi-tenant support out of the box, which gives service
providers and their customers a great opportunity to leverage and use the rich
functionality of SharePoint, while making it easier for small and medium sized
businesses to adopt.


As a
result of our project we published a sample control panel, with its source code
in code gallery, along with a whitepaper that is specifically focused on
hosting scenarios at no charge here.


guidance is being used today by some of our partners who we worked with in our
GoLive program such as FPweb, MelbourneIT, and EMS-Cortex, where they will be
ready with their commercial offerings in the near future.


I will
be writing more about our thoughts for go-to-market and differentiating your
offerings with SharePoint 2010, and am very interested to hear yours too.


forget to mark your calendars for SharePoint
2010 launch
on May 12




Alqinawy, industry director, Microsoft Communications Sector

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