Bundle Bundle if you can, or you might lose your customer to Deutschland-LAN


I’m seeing an increasing trend to bundle Business Class Hosted Exchange email with Service Provider Business Broadband offerings.  Smart move.  We just concluded a study with Edge Strategies that shows Business Customers that use Business Class Email like the full features of Hosted Exchange with Outlook from a service provider are 31% less likely to switch their ISP provider over 3 years than the average of all other types of email consumption models, such as Premises, POP, or Web Mail.  In fact, Web Mail users are the worst  with 37% higher ISP switching rate than average mail users. 


At CEBIT Deutsche Telekom was the latest to join this group with the launch of their Deutschland-LAN for small business which include 5 Hosted Exchange mailboxes.  Congratulations!


What have you seen in terms of reduction in BroadBand churn reduction with bundles?

Are you concerned about competing with such offers if you don’t bundle?


Alex Danyluk  |  Industry Marketing Director |  Communications Sector

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