Stromboxx from T-Systems

As one of three European beta testers within the Technical Adoption Program, we have been trialing the Windows Azure platform intensively over the past few months as part of the Technical Adoption Program. Based on our experiences with over 1.5 million workstation systems, 500,000 exchange mailboxes and around 50,000 servers, we were able to contribute information about customer wishes and the technical requirements of an information and communication technology (ICT) service provider to development. We are providing the ability for energy providers to test our smart grid solution running on the Windows Azure platform. Among other things, it will enable household devices to be metered and controlled via the Internet.

Today smart power grids focus on smart metering of power and intelligent grid switching. We are developing what we call Stromboxx, where we have gone beyond these basic services to show what is possible with metering at the single device. Companies will save thousands of dollars by just switching light and standby-consumptions of user devices smartly. If there is a critical mass of users at such a smart grid with lots of intelligent devices, we can provide services based on the Windows Azure platform such as demand response for energy suppliers or connecting multiple small renewable energy sources to a "virtual power plant".
Raik Dittrich, innovation manager at T-Systems MMS

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