Mustaches for Kids

Currently Microsoft is in the middle of our Giving Campaign during which employees donate money to the charity of their choice and Microsoft matches contributions. This reminded me of a fun story on how a partner just recently did their own version of the Giving Campaign.

Earlier this summer in July, I was speaking to a good friend of mine, Erik Landsness, at about what's new and exciting in his world. He asked me if I would be interested in supporting him in a noble endeavor. The dialogue went something like this:

Erik: We are growing mustaches for kids.

Mo: [With a puzzled expression] Huh?

Erik: We grow mustaches and donate the proceeds to charity.

Mo: [Still puzzled] So, you give follicly-challenged, pre-pubescent kids facial hair so they can pretend to be Magnum P.I.?

Erik: No, you dumbass! We grow mustaches for one month and ask people to sponsor the mustache through donations and at the end of the month we cut a check to the March of Dimes.

Mo: [in a very awkward Homer Simpson impression] Doh!

Friends like Erik are the reason I love hosting. We find clever and fun ways to give back to the community. Growing my mustache for a cause to benefit others was one of the most fun and embarrassing things I have done and I am going to do it again next year when we will raise even more money for a great cause.

Check out to see the hairy mess.

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