GoGrid Provides Infrastructure Services in the Cloud

At PDC this week, we're excited to announce the Windows Azure Platform Application Lifecycle Management Service, which interoperates with the existing GoGrid infrastructure and allows our customers to rapidly deploy load-balanced and hybrid servers without purchasing costly hardware. With the release of the Windows Azure platform, we wanted to extend our services and enable our customers to develop, test, deploy, and back up applications built on the Windows Azure platform efficiently and cost-effectively. 

The service will be available in the first quarter of 2010 and:

  • enables developers to rapidly build applications and publish them to the Windows Azure platform

  • includes preconfigured development environments

  • allows customers to rapidly provision unlimited test servers for powerful load testing with a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go pricing model

  • works with Microsoft Sync Framework for Microsoft SQL Azure, enabling customers to keep a real-time backup of their Windows Azure platform database while using the GoGrid infrastructure as additional backup for disaster recovery


For GoGrid, the Windows Azure platform has numerous benefits: By providing development tools for the Windows Azure platform, we are able to extend our service offerings and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace; we are able to meet the needs of existing customers while attracting new ones; and with the cost-effective, pay-per-use pricing of the Windows Azure platform, we can continue to offer our customers cloud infrastructure solutions that reduce costly hardware investments.

We're excited about this new offering and hope others are too.

Paul Lappas, Vice President of Engineering, GoGrid

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