Finding your one thing

I flew down to San Francisco last week on Virgin America, to get a business visa for an upcoming trip to India this week.  The purpose of the trip was to do several partner meetings and check out the Hosting Days event in Mumbai.  My good friends on the virtualization team posted a great overview and agenda of the event on their Dynamic Data Center Alliance blog

Sometimes life gives you so many dots that it's not hard to connect them all.  The dots for me on this trip are flying Virgin America, a link I received yesterday for a video of Richard Branson discussing success in business, and a conversation I had with a friend about standing out in a crowded marketplace like hosting and being a leader. 

The connection between all of these things is what Curly told Mitch in City Slickers.  In life and in business, you have to find the one thing that will make you stand out, that will set you up for success, that will make you happy. 

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