Dynamic Data Center Alliance


On Tuesday I wrote about the Dynamic Date Center Toolkit for Hosters. Today I'd like to talk about the Dynamic Data Center Alliance, announced in July at WPC in New Orleans. It brings together all the key players that are needed to accelerate design and delivery of cloud, managed services on Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center. Why did we do that? Well, we noticed that our hosting partners are spending significant time figuring out the right vendors and solutions for technologies beyond Windows, Hyper-V and System Center. Technologies such as network equipment, storage hardware, security etc. that form the foundation of cloud and managed services. Hosters prefer to utilize their resources in running production environments and in providing the best customer support rather than doing R&D.   We want hosting partners to hear their real or virtual cash registers go, ‘Cha Ching!' ASAP. Therefore, we decided to help minimize that effort significantly by bringing to them components that are tested and work with each other.

It is an opportunity for ISV's, OEM's and Solution Providers who build components for cloud, managed services. Start-ups with innovate solutions will find this a great opportunity too.

Once the complete cloud ecosystem is in place, we intend to drive adoption among our thousands of hosting partners worldwide Next year, this alliance will form the foundation to drive private cloud adoption in the enterprises.

Our early hosting partners love this announcement and the plan. Let me be clear here: This alliance is not complete yet. Once our trade show season ends in 2 weeks, need to get going on this. If anyone is interested in adopting the toolkit as a hoster or if anyone is interested in joining the alliance with a solution to take to hosters or to sell through hosters please visit www.microsoft.com/dynamicdatacenter.

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