“Vail” Launchpad and Its Extensibility

Hi there! We are on to our second edition of Vail Engineering blogs, and this time we are talking about Launchpad – what it is, how it can be extended and why developers should care about it. I aso want to point out that we got pretty good response to Vail SDK with some of our…


Introduction to Windows Home Server “Vail” SDK

Hi everyone! My name is Dileep and I am a Development lead with Windows Home Server team. It has been more than a week since we released the beta builds of the next version of Windows Home Server “Vail”, and we are very encouraged by the download and the feedback pouring in through connect. Thank…


Running the Windows Home Server Console on a MAC

One of the developers on the Windows Home Server team, Gautam, was goofing around on a Mac during his off hours and put together this awesome set of instructions and screenshots for running the Windows Home Server Console on a Mac.  This article describes how to configure your Mac to be able to get the…


January, 2009 Update for Windows Home Server

Today the Windows Home Server team is releasing a small update to the product.  The update improves the capability of Windows Home Server to repair abnormalities detected in the home computer backup database.   The update should be automatically downloaded and installed on your home server over the next several days, if you have Windows Update…


Home-based Businesses

  Windows Home Server was designed for consumers and home-based businesses.  In our recent customer satisfaction survey conducted in North America and Europe, we discovered that 25% of the early purchasers of Windows Home Server are running a business out of their home. This led me to do a little digging into the home-based business…


Windows 7 and Windows Home Server

The Windows Home Server team is excited to see the progress and excitement around the public beta release of Windows 7.  From the Windows 7 Beta Download “How to Backup a PC” page, you will see this important note near the bottom of the page. Note: The backup methods described here do not preserve installed…


HP MediaSmart Server winner of MacWorld’s "Best of Show"

Congratulations to Hewlett Packard in being selected as a winner of MacWorld’s annual “Best of Show” awards during the 2009 MacWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.   The annual awards are given by MacWorld editors to honor products that push the boundaries of innovation, quality and overall creativity. The new HP MediaSmart servers come with…


VIA ARTiGO A2000 and A1000

Donavon West, over at http://www.homeserverhacks.com has a great write-up on building a Windows Home Server on the VIA ARTiGO A2000 and also the tiny VIA ARTiGO A1000.  VIA ARTiGO A2000 as a Windows Home Server VIA ARTiGO A1000 – Worlds Smallest Windows Home Server   Also, if you comment on Donavon’s A1000 blog post (on…


CES 2009

The Windows Home Server team wrapped the posts again outside of the CES show floor … I thought I would share a few of the pictures.   You can visit the web site at http://www.stayathomeserver.com    Also, check out http://www.winahomeserver.com … t.


Windows Home Server 120-Day Evaluation Edition

With the first day of CES 2009 getting under way, the Windows Home Server team has decided to make the DVD of the Windows Home Server 120-Day Evaluation Edition available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.   You will need to know how to burn a DVD to get started, detailed instructions are available on…