Introduction to Windows Home Server “Vail” SDK

Hi everyone! My name is Dileep and I am a Development lead with Windows Home Server team. It has been more than a week since we released the beta builds of the next version of Windows Home Server “Vail”, and we are very encouraged by the download and the feedback pouring in through connect. Thank…


"Consumer grade" add-ins

The Windows Home Server team is ecstatic about the number of add-ins that have been developed for Windows Home Server over the past year.   Check out the WeGotServed blog that has a more comprehensive list of all of the add-ins that are available for Windows Home Server. In reviewing a lot of the add-ins, I…


More on Windows Home Server and Live Mesh

Channel 10 posted another video with Mark, Brendan and Doug that showcases some of the future possibilities when pairing Windows Home Server with Windows Live Mesh.  Windows Home Server is already playing the role of the smart always-available hub in households around the world, but as a greater number of solutions provide new ways for…


Windows Home Server and Live Mesh Technology Demonstration

The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is an event where Microsoft employees that sit behind one or more displays banging out lots of cool code on a daily basis get to venture out and meet other developers outside of Microsoft.  Teams often showcase various technology demonstrations to highlight future possibilities along with sharing tips and techniques…


Updated Technical Briefs for Windows Home Server

The technical briefs and other documents for Windows Home Server have been updated to incorporate new and changed functionality with Windows Home Server Power Pack 1.  Technical Briefs are “Level 200” documents designed for a more technical audience as they explain some of the inner-workings and technical and troubleshooting tips for Windows Home Server.  Most…


Time to evangelize! WHS Platform Extensibility Day 2008

As we’ve posted to this blog before, the Windows Home Server team is gearing up for a big presence at the upcoming PDC 2008 show in Los Angeles, CA.  With so much riding on the line at this important event, we naturally want to get as much input on our messages from a critical audience…


Gearing up for PDC 2008!

If you haven’t updated your event calendars lately, here’s one to make sure you have on your agenda:  the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008, or PDC as we affectionately call it.  Taking place in Los Angeles, CA from Oct. 27 – 30, this year’s PDC is gearing up to be one of the biggest events…


Get the Gadget

Donavon West of Home Server Hacks and has created a nice Home Server blog headline ticker gadget to help you get the WHS news you can use.  Pretty slick – it currently pulls from this blog, We Got Served, MS Windows Home Server and Home Server Hacks. J


An update on KB #946676

The Windows Home Server team has been heads down working on the data corruption issue since we first posted the Knowledge Base (KB) article in late December 2007.   An update to the KB article was posted today that provides more information regarding symptoms, cause, status and guidance.  You can read the KB at  …



Check it out.  Microsoft France is running a “Code2Fame”-style developer contest on MSDN.  French speakers can learn more here. J