Windows Home Server – Can It Be a SOHO Solution?

Although the name of Windows Home Server may make you inclined to believe that it is only for consumer households, it can also be very functional in a small office/home office setting.

One article that was recently brought to our attention came from SMB PC Magazine (See page 7). The article provides an overview of Windows Home Server and discusses how it could be beneficial to SOHO customers. Research conducted by the author, Aaron Booker, includes contacting companies offering 3rd party solutions, and value-added providers that are installing home servers in businesses today. From the information gathered, he has validated that backup of up to 10 computers is the most common use of a home server because of its unparalleled speed and convenience. He then goes on to compliment Windows Home Server restore capabilities. Booker states that “The restore function is what is really impressive. If a user deletes a file or overwrites a file- the time needed to recover is literally seconds”. He also discusses topics such as using Windows Home Server to remotely connect and log onto PCs (Remote Desktop) along with add-ins, that enhance Windows Home Server functionality, as key features for this market.

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Another article that featured Windows Home Server can be found in Inc Magazine which is targeted at entrepreneurs and small business owners. Under “The Goods” section, the magazine introduces and writes about various aspects of the HP Media Smart LX 195. Some key items were noted about the HP Media Smart in this piece includes its small size, low cost, and how it can be used in both the home and small businesses. Once you begin using a home server, the article relays that you have the ability to listen to your music while you are out of the office and also share your pictures and videos on all popular social networking sites.


With these articles as a backdrop, the Windows Home Server Team is pleased to announce a new web page which is focused on the SOHO customer.

The page opens with an overview of Windows Home Server’s features from a SOHO customer perspective. Five case studies were written which describe how an average SOHO has benefited from using Windows Home Server. Corresponding to the written case studies, there are video interviews where you have the opportunity to listen to business owners discussing their personal experiences when using their home servers. They talk about subjects including how Windows Home Server has helped advance their office by saving hundreds of hours, money, and data.

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As always, there are links which allow you to view a demo of Windows Home Server and also download a FREE evaluation version.

- Steven

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been writing a series of posts about using WHS as a SOHO solution.  

    You actually can backup your computer remotely using WHS.  You need a VPN solution like Hamachi or similar.  I do it.  It’s not real fast, but it succeeds.  

    Restore over a remote link would probably be impractical if not impossible.  Unless you could package up an ISO image of your machine somehow, download it, and apply it.

    Using Live Mesh (though not technically supported) is another good way to secure important file changes.  That’s my most recent installment.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Good call: I have been pitching WHS to my SOHO friends and family since it was first released.

    Now, how ’bout pushing some of the WHS features in to SBS, so it’s available for medium business?

  3. Anonymous says:

    It needs to have the ability to perform remote backups.  When traveling, especially for an extended time, notebook computers are especially vulnerable.  Windows Home Server needs to be able to connect to remote computers and do incremental backups.  Thanks Joel

  4. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with Gregg, the VPN connection is really to slow…



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