Update improves Windows Home Server Console display on some Netbooks

There is good news if you are one of the many people that purchased a netbook computer over the past while. A home server and a netbook can be a complementary solution. In addition to the image-based backup software included in Windows Home Server, the ability to augment the netbook storage space with a home server is a no-brainer. Shad Larsen commented on this solution in a post, “Making your Netbook functional using Windows 7 and Windows Home Server.


Photo: Acer Aspire One A150

One of the benefits of a netbook is the small size and portability of the device.  However, that size means a smaller screen and less visual real estate for applications. As a result, the Windows Home Server Console may not have displayed correctly on some netbook computers. The latest update, described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 963032, enables the Windows Home Server Console to support a resolution of 1024 x 600.

The update will automatically install as part of Windows Update if Automatic Updates is enabled on the home server. (How to turn on automatic updates.) Users can also click Update Now on the Settings tab of the Windows Home Server Console.

- Steven

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Windows Home Server update available now…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am using home server for all my 3 computers and it has been working flawlessly. I decided to up grade a laptop to windows 7 rc and when i added this machine to the home server all seemed fine. I then needed to restore a file from the win 7 backup on my home server and got a message that it was unable to mount the image! Any reason why? all other images seem to work.



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