Windows Home Server – Imaginations are unleashed with the Add-in Idea Challenge

Earlier this month, Terry Walsh at We Got Served announced the launch of a new Windows Home Server add-in competition.  Announcing the Windows Home Server Add-In Idea Challenge ‘09!

With an interesting format, this competition should attract the attention of a broad group of Windows Home Server enthusiasts.  As opposed to actually developing the Windows Home Server add-ins, We Got Served is simply looking for the best ideas.

Excerpt from blog post... "You don’t have to be a developer or technically minded to enter. All you need is your creativity and imagination to come up with the best idea for a future Windows Home Server add-in, which will then be coded up and released to the community for all to share."

There is still some time left to submit your ideas!  The entry period closes on May 31st, and voting will commence in June.  Developer Felix Kollmann (author of Router Control) will turn your idea into reality.

The Windows Home Server team anticipates seeing some terrific ideas from this community-led challenge.  The winners may be featured in stories on the Windows Home Server Community web page.  We showcase some of the most popular add-ins every month on the Windows Home Server add-ins page and your idea for an add-in may join the ranks of over 100 Windows Home Server add-ins available.  For a comprehensive list, visit Home Server plus


Pictured: "Hall of Fame" winner of the Code2Fame contest, Andrew Grant's Whiist.

If you need any added encouragement, here it is!  Microsoft was asked to contribute some prizes for the contest... and believe me, they are awesome!


- Steven

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