Windows Home Server – Canadians Put More Importance on Photos Stored On Their PC Than Their Financial Information

Last month, Microsoft Canada reported survey results by Ipsos Reid that found Canadians value personal information but aren't taking measures to keep it secure. and a few other online outlets picked up the story.  Read it here.

Sadly, 55% of respondents said that they have actually lost important files from their PC.  Faced with this disheartening prospect, women were more likely to feel devastated or like crying (22%) and, the majority of women (51%), claimed they would pay $100 dollars to retrieve lost or damaged photos from their PC.


“It’s clear that for Canadians the PC is much more than just a workstation, there is an emotionally attachment to items stored on their PCs – like photos, music and financial documents—but it’s also clear that the majority of Canadians put those items at risk every day.”  Barry Zeidenberg, Director - Retail Marketing, Microsoft Canada

- Steven

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  1. Anonymous says:

    unrelated, I need to make a comment/suggestion regarding v2 WHS.  

    If there will be a Media Center edition of WHS please require U.S. WHS partners to certify these with CableLabs so we have an entire Windows device class that is known to support CableCard tuners.  That would alleviate a major problem in the Media Center platform, not being able to easily locate & recognize products that can take advantage of CableCard.  It would also provide a boost to WHS platform by selling into the Media Center base looking for less expensive & smaller footprint systems.

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