Windows Home Server Website Updated

Possibly lost among the frenzy of the Power Pack 2 release, and the addition of Windows Home Server software to MSDN, was the update today of our very own product website. While clearly not a complete overhaul, we think it’s improved in a couple of key ways:

  • A simpler and more contemporary layout
  • Snappy scrolling graphics that feature direct links to popular pages on the site
  • Redesigned links to Free Eval and Demo pages
  • Added a few more Windows Home Server add-ins to our growing ‘featured list’ page. (Be sure to let us know if you want yours added too 😉

We encourage you to come check it out and let us know what you think. 

Here’s a quick link right to our top page:, as well as a snapshot of what it now looks like. 




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the site update as well…nice job.  Btw, it looks like you are climbing up in the "Products" dropdown menu. Who actually determines the pecking order? Maybe somebody should take them out to lunch. 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK, Why is it, that VERY TIME I install the latest WHS Connector Upgrades, I have to RE-ENTER EVERYTHING?????  

    – I’ve entered my WHS Password a hundred times — WHY CAN’T IT REMEMBER IT????  This ain’t Fort Knox!

    – NO — I STILL Don’t want the computer backed up when it’s off.

    Very, very annoying.  Fact is, why does it need me AT ALL??? Why can’t it simply just UPDATE itself and quit sapping MY TIME, as if I have the time every 2 weeks to do such a stupid upgrade.

    WHS is absolutely the best piece of software MS has ever produced.  And then they (in typical fashion) do something so ridiculously stupid like make this Connector Upgrade so very, very lame.  AAAaaarrrrgh!!!

  3. Anonymous says:


    As of Power Pack 1, there is an option that you can select when you first install the Connector software to update it automatically on a given PC without any user intervention.  I suggest, you uninstall the Connector software and then reinstall it via http://<servername&gt;:55000 one last time and be sure to check this check box….

    The home server team is very customer focused and we fixed your specific issue over 7 months ago …

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think you are missing two other big add-ins in this list:

    – AutoExit from (Nick Asseloos)

    – WHS Disk Management from (Sam Wood)

    Otherwise, great new site!

    My 2cts,


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