More than 1 Home Server – Let’s Sync up!

I recently saw a post from Donavon West at Home Server Hacks titled, Syncing Two Windows Home Servers. Donavon wrote up an excellent “how to”. I was able to replicate his 3-step process with my own home servers.

With the recent introduction of the new HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 models, discussion of synchronization seems timely. A few months ago, Philip Churchill at Server For The People posted a terrific roundup of reviews. Here’s a new & upgraded features list:

· MAC backup utilizing Time Machine

· Media Collector – Searches your home PCs for your files and then stores it in the correct folder on your home server.

· Remote Media Streaming of your Music, Videos and Pictures

· Amazon S3 Internet backup

· DLNA streaming

· iTunes Server

At CES 2009, Proxure announced KeepSync for Windows Home Server. Many users are anxiously awaiting the Windows Home Server add-in.

Why would a user want to have two home servers? A plausible scenario is for a “Do It Yourself” home server to coexist (or be replaced) with a sleek new device such as the HP MediaSmart Server, Acer Aspire EasyStore Home Server or others from Shuttle, and VIA. Or a user wants 2 home servers in order to replicate their data to a separate location in the home. Or a user has more than 10 PCs or more than 10 media devices they want to stream content to. Of course, there is another very good reason… Because it is cool.


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What is your reason?


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