Passing the Torch, new General Manager for the Windows Home Server Team


Last week TechFlash reported a change in the leadership of the Windows Home Server team.  Microsoft remains committed to Windows Home Server and is pleased to announce that the team will be led by Kevin Kean, General Manager.

Charlie Kindel, the previous General Manager, was asked to join Microsoft's Mobile Communications business based on his success leading Windows Home Server efforts and his engineering expertise.  Charlie’s transition is a business decision to help increase engineering excellence in the Mobile Communications Division.

Charlie Kindel was responsible for bringing Windows Home Server to life; from the initial concept to putting the product in consumer homes.  In a recent email to the team, Charlie shared his sentiments.  “It is with very strong emotions that I pass the torch of Windows Home Server to new leadership.  My passion for both the concept of the home server and our products will never diminish.  Together, we have firmly established my long term vision for a broad Microsoft consumer platform.”

The Windows Home Server team would like to express our deep gratitude to Charlie and wish him the best in his new endeavor.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will miss Charlie because I know how he felt about customer involvment.  The WHS Team is one of the most customer oriented teams I have encounterd at MS and I think Charlie had a lot to do wiht that.  I wish him well in his new position, but I know he will do well.

    Can you tell us some more about Mr. Kean?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you as the Community Lead for Home Server, SBS, and EBS that from working with Kevin Kean in SBS, and the SBS MVPs will back me up on this, Kevin will be and has been as customer oriented as Charlie. We are all part of the Windows Server Solutios Group and are extremely passionate about our community engagement and involving our community in our development efforts, as well as helping facilitate and open and honest environment with our community with our released products. I am very sad to see Charile go, but I know the the Home Server community will be well served with the new leadership.

    Kevin Beares

    Commmunity Lead – WSSG

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Kevin B. for that insight.  I will assume that Windows Home Server has always been part of Windows Server Solutions Group.  I sincerely hope the focus will remain "consumer" oriented and that you are working closely with Media Center/Zune/Mobile/Live teams.

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