Confessions of a Windows Home Server User

TechReady is a bi-annual readiness and training event for Microsoft technical employees.  It includes sessions on current and upcoming products, technologies and solutions.  While the event primarily targets the enterprise space, Windows Home Server has participated for the past couple of years. 

This time around, Windows Home Server was pleased to host a Chalk Talk titled, "Confessions of a Windows Home Server User: This session will show you how one of your peers is using Windows Home Server to build out their digital home.  Learn first-hand about how to have your digital assets centrally accessible and available on devices both inside and outside of your home." 


Does this look familiar?

What may be surprising for readers is that the presentation was not given by a member of the Windows Home Server team.  Instead, a gentleman working as a Desktop Deployment Specialist in the Communications Sector for Microsoft led the discussion.  Above are pictures of his house prior to his Windows Home Server digital make-over.  In a homage to MTV Cribs, his presentation provided a behind-the-scenes look at his Windows Home Server setup.  Here are similar examples from Channel 10 - Show Us Your Home.  Scott Hanselman, Steve Lindsay, and Jeff Sandquist show off their digital homes (that incorporate Windows Home Server, of course!) 

What about you?  Post a link to your video in the Comments section and show us how you have transformed your home using Widows Home Server.  You may even end up as our Featured Story on the Windows Home Server Community Page.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    With Charlie’s move to Windows Mobile, who is leading Windows Home Server at this point?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Daleo1, please tell us your story under the ‘Questions or Comments’ section at

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you still looking for homes with integrated WHS?

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