Story Time with Windows Home Server

Events provide an opportunity for our team to have face-to-face interactions with users (and potential users) of Windows Home Server.

Peter, a Windows Home Server user, approached one of our representatives in the booth at the Consumer Electronics Show .  Peter’s grandson Brody is a big fan of the “Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?” children’s book.  Peter related a really cool story that I’m pleased to pass along:

“This book is Brody’s favorite title right now and we have all memorized it reading to him.  We have really laughed and enjoyed this story in our family… Brody has so many books to choose from and he will go and select that book and bring it to one of us to read to him.   He will sit and listen to the server book again and again.  Being raised in a computer family may be rubbing off on him.”

Jeff and Brody

Jeff and Brody, enjoying the story for the 1000th time

Being that Brody is only 21 months old, he may need to wait a few years before he can fully appreciate the “Server Feng Shui” book.

For those of you that may be a little too old to ask your parent’s to read you a bedtime story, don’t despair.  Mrouse posted a virtual book reading that you can watch whenever you like!


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