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We are super excited by the overall reception of Windows Home Server in the market. Lots of progress has been made in this new product category that Microsoft established less than 2 years ago with the initial unveiling of the Windows Home Server software at CES 2007.

There has been strong adoption around the world with Windows Home Server having been sold in over 50 countries in a little over a year. And there is an incredibly passionate community of Windows Home Server enthusiasts, dedicated blogs and podcasts and 18 Microsoft MVPs.

At CES 2009, we have announcements and new hardware from a variety of companies that are creating home server products powered by Windows Home Server.

Hewlett Packard

click for MediaSmart Server EX485HP announced their 2nd generation home servers, the HP MediaSmart EX485 and EX487, last week and they have been busy demonstrating them at MacWorld earlier this week, and starting tomorrow at CES. Their new home server offerings have more memory to support additional Add-Ins and new Software features such as enhanced compatibility for Apple Macs, HP Media Collector, HP Photo Publisher, Web Media Streamer, Server Online Backup and Smart Power Management.


clip_image005Acer will be entering the market with the Aspire Easy Store Home Server, powered by Windows Home Server. They plan on providing Add-ins to enable easily copying data from external USB hard drives, a Power Saver Scheduler and a DLNA complaint media streaming server. “… we are excited to team up with Microsoft and Intel to share the same concept by delivering this fun and easy to use product out for consumers,” expressed Allen Jong, Director, Acer Inc.


clip_image007Shuttle is the pioneer manufacturer of small form factor PCs – and now Home Servers. They will bring two home server solutions to the USA market in 1st Quarter of 2009 – a model that has 2 hard drive bays (SH-K4500) and a 3 hard drive bay model (SH-K4800).

VIA Technologies

clip_image009VIA is a pioneer in low power, high performance chipsets – and now Home Servers. They will also be releasing 2 home server products - a model with 2 drive bays (based on the Artigo A2000), and a model that can hold up to 8 hard drives (NSD-8000).

Tranquil PC

clip_image011In the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, Tranquil PC has already released a new product called the “Squash” SQA-5H. Designed from the ground up SQA-5H is a multi-drive home server (5 bays), with ultra low power consumption, near silent operation, classic looks, and simple to use features, like the ‘back up now’ button and 'disk usage remaining' button. There is also a 5 drive expansion chassis, so you can have up to 10 hard drives in your home server.

Windows Home Server delivers real value for households and home-based businesses with more than 1 personal computer. The home server category continues to grow and expand with more hardware partners and a greater number of software add-ins every month. The number of software add-ins expanding Home Server’s capabilities for consumers in the digital home has grown from less than 30 this time last year, to over 70 with some software partners already releasing second-generation Windows Home Server applications.

Tomorrow morning , check out the Windows Home Server Press Pass site for additional photos and more information.

We will have more news to share in the coming days ….


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    Nic Fillingham tracked me down at CES to take a look at some of the hardware that is being powered by

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    "We will have more news to share in the coming days …."

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