It’s show time!

Its fall already and one of the most exciting portions of the year has just started – “Event Season”. Windows Home Server has been attending all sorts of events this year and receiving high praises from very different audiences.

It’s interesting to hear how Windows Home Server has affected people’s lives and how they are spreading the word. You would think during event season you would hear me talk more about how I am exciting attendees! Instead, they have been exciting me by sharing their stories on how they are already using Windows Home Server and encouraging others to try it out. You see, this is only the second event season for Windows Home Server. Last year, I was showing off this shiny new platform explaining all the bells and whistles. It was a nice change of pace to not only talk about Windows Home Server but to hear how it’s being utilized.

I would like to give one example from a recent event, SMB Nation. SMB Nation is a more techie event so of course, you’re going to hear a more techie story. Being someone that supported small businesses at one point in time, I could really relate to his ingenious idea. Kevin Royalty “Total Care Computer Consulting” approached our booth and shared an insight to how Windows Home Server supports the community. Kevin supports many small businesses with Windows Small Business Server and Windows Home Server. Yes, both servers on one business network. Kevin sent me this picture which shows two HP MediaSmart Servers being used to offer a network wide backup solution for the company’s PCs. With two HP MediaSmart Servers, you could potentially offer a 20 PC backup solution for a marginal price.

Here you see two HP MediaSmart Servers next to a Windows Small Business Server (on top an external drive for the Windows Small Business Server to back up to):

hp mediasmart 

This is just one example among the hundreds I have heard. If you have a story like this, please share it with our team at the next event you attend. We love hearing these stories! PDC and WinHEC are just around the corner – stop by and say, “Hi”!

PDC – October 27th – 30th

WinHEC – November 4th – 7th

JB - (Joel the events guy)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m still having a hard time getting excited about WHS since I can’t get it through my MSDN universal subscription…

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