Updated Technical Briefs for Windows Home Server

The technical briefs and other documents for Windows Home Server have been updated to incorporate new and changed functionality with Windows Home Server Power Pack 1.  Technical Briefs are "Level 200" documents designed for a more technical audience as they explain some of the inner-workings and technical and troubleshooting tips for Windows Home Server. 

Most of the documents are now published in Microsoft Word format, so that you can more easily grab subsets of the content for answering questions in the Community forums.

Additionally, you can find a new document entitled, Windows Home Server Developer Guidelines that provides guidance around developing software Add-ins using the Windows Home Server Software Development Kit (SDK).  For more information on the SDK, please see: http://www.msdn.com/WindowsHomeServer

Are there other areas of the product where you would like a "technical brief" created?  What would be the title of the document and what content would you like to see included?


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