Time to evangelize! WHS Platform Extensibility Day 2008

As we've posted to this blog before, the Windows Home Server team is gearing up for a big presence at the upcoming PDC 2008 show in Los Angeles, CA.  With so much riding on the line at this important event, we naturally want to get as much input on our messages from a critical audience - the developers who are building apps, services and solutions for Windows Home Server!

With this in mind - of course the broader goal of boosting the visibility of our Extensibility Platform - the Windows Home Server team last week hosted 30+ developers, OEMs, and hardware partners at our first annual Windows Home Server Platform Extensibility Day.  Or make that several days.  😉  The focus of the event was providing partners with guidance on how to develop applications and services using our SDK, available publicly on MSDN.  Both the Marketing and Engineering teams worked hard to 'share the love' and evangelize our product's key value proposition - our extensibility platform - with our valued partners. 

It was very gratifying to see partners enthused by the possibilities of developing for the Windows Home Server ecosystem.  And it was great to hear ideas, get feedback, and help answer partners' questions in person.  Hopefully, we'll be seeing the fruits of these efforts show up in more apps for Home Server users!  We're thinking of broadening and expanding the event next year...Would you want to attend an event like this next year?  And what would you want to see covered topic-wise?

 - M

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