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The Windows Home Server test team has been very busy doing all of the final testing for the localized builds of Windows Home Server Power Pack 1.  The product will soon be available in 4 new language options for a total of 8 localized builds.  Currently, the English version of the Power Pack 1 update package is available on the Microsoft Download Center.  

In early August, we will add the German, French and Spanish update packages to the Download Center and also distribute the Power Pack 1 package via Windows Updates so if you want to skip the manual steps of using the Download Center you only have to wait a little longer.

In addition, we will be releasing new media kits of the software into the System Builder channel in the coming weeks.  So as the new software proceeds through the manufacturing process in the various worldwide geographies, you will see these new part numbers become available.

  • CCQ-00061 – English

  • CCQ-00060 – German

  • CCQ-00058 – French

  • CCQ-00057 – Spanish

  • CCQ-00019 – Japanese

  • CCQ-00068 – Chinese Simplified

  • CCQ-00069 – Chinese Traditional

  • CCQ-00070 – Chinese Traditional Hong Kong

There is no reason to wait for the new media release of Windows Home Server - if you buy it today, the Power Pack 1 update is free and will be applied via a Windows Update.  One small point of trivia, with the initial release of Windows Home Server, the first copy was purchased in New Zealand, as they have a very streamlined manufacturing process in that part of the world …

Also, there is some Power Pack 1 information on the Microsoft Windows Home Server web site.  Check it out …


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