WHS and Xbox Dad

Microsoft storage guru and 'gamer dad' Jason Buffington has a great post on the popular Xbox Dad blog about using WHS with Xbox.

He cites the Windows Home Server documentation on media sharing, as well as the section of the Xbox.com site devoted to connecting your Xbox 360 to Windows Media (including Home Server).

Jason's blog, All Backed Up, is where he regularly documents his WHS experience, as well Xbox and storage insights.


Comments (1)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found what I thought was a great add-in for WHS, WebGuide, but when I go to the linked site ( http://www.asciiexpress.com/webguide/default.aspx )and attempt to download it, I get an SQL server error.  I understand that the Author has now moved on to work with MS.  The question is: is the add-in still available and if so from where?  If MS is to re-package and re-release this, then when?

    Thanks in advance for a reply or post on this.

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