Life saver… time saver!

One of the important benefits of Windows Home Server is "image-based backup".  Most consumers are probably not aware of this important distinction when it comes to backup.  A disk image backup is basically a backup of the entire hard drive.  Contrast that with "file-based backup" which is the backup of selective files on the hard drive.

Personal story: This past weekend my wife decided to download a few fonts from the web.  For some inexplicable reason a few of the files, that were conveniently saved on the Windows desktop, would not delete after she tried them out in Microsoft Word.  "Cannot delete file: It is being used by another person or program."  I was called in to solve the problem.  After a few searches on the web, I came to the realization that finding a solution could become a significant time investment.  Instead, I pulled out the Windows Home Server Computer Restore CD.  I left the computer to complete the system restoration and when I returned an hour later it was done.  Everything was back to normal!

The time savings associated with Windows Home Server is an often overlooked advantage.  Since the sun was shining this weekend in Seattle, those time savings were all the more valuable to me!


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