LiveNode.Com is going away …

During the initial beta of Windows Home Server, the team setup a test domain for the Dynamic DNS services that are now included with the product.  The test domain was LiveNode.Com, which has now been replaced by HomeServer.Com for people that purchase and install systems powered by Windows Home Server.

We wanted to give a heads-up to the several thousand people that are still using pre-release versions of Windows Home Server, such as Beta 2 (build 1371), Customer Technical Preview (build 1371) and the Release Candidate (build 1424) that we are going to be shutting down the LiveNode.Com domain and related Dynamic DNS services for all of the pre-release versions. 

You can read more about the remote access feature and personalized domain name (e.g. SmithFamily.HomeServer.Com) capability in this post and also in this post.  Additionally, there was an update to Windows Home Server made in November, 2007 that provided an SSL certificate to encrypt your remote access communications as defined in this blog post

Thanks to everyone who helped test this feature during the initial beta program.


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