Windows Home Server World Cup

The Windows Home Server software has been purchased by System Builders in over 40 countries around the world.  And our hardware partners are starting to branch out their distribution plans for their hardware offerings, powered by Windows Home Server, to more and more countries. As to be expected, the larger countries are responsible for a majority of the unit sales.

In order to compare the sales results of a smaller country with a larger country, you need to come up with a relatively simple way to equalize the field of play. So, if you look at Windows Home Server sales divided by the number of households with a broadband connection in each country, you get some interesting results. Here are the current rankings of the top 16 seeds in the Windows Home Server World Cup competition. 

  1. Norway

  2. New Zealand

  3. Denmark

  4. Germany

  5. Switzerland

  6. United Kingdom

  7. United States

  8. Australia

  9. Austria

  10. Canada

  11. South Africa

  12. Sweden

  13. France

  14. Netherlands

  15. China

  16. Japan

The winning country will be announced in July of this year, at the close of Microsoft’s fiscal year 2008. We will update the standings on a monthly basis. One additional little fact, the first copy of Windows Home Server software was purchased in New Zealand on August 15, 2007

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Count even one more to Austria. 🙂

    Great work Home Server Team! Realy looking forward to the upcoming PowerPack.

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