A rolling home server gathers no moss…

Very cool to see Home Server and the HP MediaSmart Server featured on RollingStone.com's Rock&Roll Daily

Unlike servers of yore, the surprisngly sleek and sexy black-and-blue-lit HP MediaSmart uses the new consumer-friendly Windows Home Server platform, which makes setting up as easy as clicking through a bunch of Windows and answering a few questions.

Also an interesting article in CRN last week, highlighting the recent Forrester report on home servers.  The headline hints at slow Home Server adoption...but the report is quite bullish, predicting 4.6 million home servers in US households by 2012.  Thanks to channel pros Michael Cocanower of ITSynergy, Jack Safrit of Axxis Tech and Mark Crall of Tech Care Team for weighing in on Home Server's future. 



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