Getting Control of Digital Media

Yesterday BusinessWeek posted a good story about the rapidly growing home server category, led by Windows Home Server and the HP MediaSmart Server.  It includes mention of the Stay at Home Server campaign and Forrester Research's prediction that there will be 4.5 million households with home servers by 2012.

The goal of Home Server products is to keep things simple. The devices come with two cables—one for power and the other to connect to the home computer system. Consumers need to slip a disc into their PC, answer five questions, then they're up and running, with their files backed up automatically every day. "We've stripped away the complexity," says [Microsoft's Steven] VanRoekel.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simplicity when working at home is hugely important…especially when there are so many other distractions to deal with when working from home: children, pets, lawnmowers.  The last thing any of us who work from home need is one more item to maintain.  Windows Home Server is just the right piece of hardware.

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