The Tinkerer’s Dilemma

With Windows Home Server we have seen some people talk about (and do) some pretty crazy things.  Since the software is available through the OEM and System Builder channels – people can build their own home servers.  Some people just load it up and use it as intentioned.  Other people try to tear it apart and figure out how it all works…


I remember taking apart the family blender as a kid to see how it worked.  I learned that although there were 8 settings from “stir” to “liquefy” – the motor only had 3 speeds.  The other settings were merely a sound baffle that made the motor make slightly different sounds to make people think it was doing more “liquification”.  The worst part about the whole blender incident is having it disassembled on the kitchen counter when my dad came home from work.


  Dad – “Did the blender stop working?”

  Todd – “Nope, I just wanted to see how it worked!”

  Dad – (censored)


Sometimes when I read the Community Forums, I am both amazed and aghast at what people expect the Windows Home Server software to be capable of doing.  Some people try to make it do un-natural acts and in the process they ‘hork’ their home servers only to be told that they probably need to do a ‘server reinstallation’.    Tinkerers are wonderful people – we watch them and learn from them.  Sometimes we learn to not make the same mistakes and sometimes we learn some great little secrets. 


I will have to save the story of where I cut the power cord of the radio with a pair of metal scissors - because I didn’t like the song that was playing - for another time.  Tinker-On, but remember to abide by the Windows Home Server License Terms.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I built a cool little Windows Home Server box I call the ‘Book Server’ running a Via C7 based motherboard. It has been running WHS since RC1 and the OEM version.  The case is made of wood and does a nice job of blending into the living room.  It is a book shaped decorative piece quietly sitting and backing up my computers and serving video files to my PS3 and pictures to friends and family via the homeserver domain.



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