Things that make Charlie smile

First, I'm a geek to the core so I generally smile at geeky things.

Over on On10 Jeff Sandquist who runs the Channel9 and On10 efforts at Microsoft does a video interview showing off how he uses technology in his home.  Definitely cool.  Definitely geeky. Soon Jeff is going to do one of these videos of my house which is, well, "over the top", with the amount of geekiness it has. You'll see.

Watching Jeff's video I smiled when I saw how proud he is to show off his Windows Home Server! Check the video out here.

Other things that make me very, very happy are stories of how Windows Home Server has "saved the day" for people. I have been collecting such stories... Here are a few of the recent ones I've found in the blogosphere:

Home Server saves the day (again!)

"...First thing on Monday morning, my laptop blue screened...I went ahead and booted off the Home Server recovery CD. I picked the back-up image and it re-imaged the disk to just as it had been before the crash...."

Windows Home Server Saves The Day!

"One week with Windows Home Server and already it has paid for itself!..."

I have also received a bunch of "thank you's" from beta testers and users who have had similar experiences. One Microsoft employee actually said that he thinks Windows Home Server saved his marriage because when his wife's laptop's HD crashed with her dissertation on it he was able to be a "hero" by restoring her laptop immediately after replacing the drive using Windows Home Server Computer Backup. Saving the marriage is a bit of hyperbole, but the story still makes me smile.

What are your Windows Home Server success stories?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a story of salvation at the moment,b ut I hope to eventually. I had a machine die when I was still using WHS Release Candidate, but it was unable to restore my machine… I’m sure it’s better now, except that I’ve switched to 64-bit, so there’s no Connector for that computer. 🙁

    When I had the above-mentioned failure, though, having 1.5 TB of a *single* storage area thanks to WHS was invaluable. So I guess WHS half-saved me, haha.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As the guy who wrote the blog about "Windows Home Server Saves the Day!" I just wanted to say you guys have done a terrific job.  I’m at BMC Userworld 2007 this week in Vancouver and some reps from Microsoft are here and I made sure to tell them that I thought you guys have delivered a real winner in WHS.  

    Keep up the good work — and thanks for making my home a "connected home"!

    Robert Stinnett

  3. Anonymous says:

    Add me to the list of people that WHS has helped!

    I had a hard disk fail in my main workstation yesterday. I picked up a replacement disk from a local reseller and popped it in the box. I put the restore CD in drive and 90 min later everything was back to normal.

    WHS is the best!

    This is so much better than any NAS drive for a restore!  

    Thank you for this product!


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