An idea whose time has come

So says Jupiter research director Michael Gartenberg of Home Server in Joe Wilcox's Microsoft Watch column, one of many, many articles about RTM this week.  Wilcox, a former analyst himself, gives props to the Home Server team (and others) at MS for a rapid, focused development cycle.  I always like to see us picked up by Wired, too, which says it will be doing a hands on review soon.

The fun-to-pronounce Ars Technica did a write-up on the growing list of add-ins today, inspired by We Got Served.  And as Terry at WGS say, new Windows Home Server hardware is coming out of the woodwork "thick and fast now," with both Velocity Micro and Tranquil revealing plans for cool boxes.  I still want to see a wood cabinet design, reminscent of my grandad's old TV.  Consumer electronics-as-furniture always have a place in my heart, for some reason. 

Good weekend,



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