Code2Fame Challenge and Add-Ins

The Code2Fame Challenge entry requirements and official rules have been posted to the Windows Home Server web site. 

Do you want industry exposure and some cash? Be one of the extraordinary coders in the USA or Canada who creates the best software and hardware add-ins for the soon-to-be-released Windows Home Server.  Create cool software and/or hardware add-ins for Windows Home Server to simplify the digital lifestyles of families everywhere—or just to geek out.  We are looking for creative use of the home server as a platform, as well as useful, cool, easy-to-use, and solidly performing value-adds to make Windows Home Server even more useful for families around the world.

We would have loved to make Code2Fame a worldwide contest, but due to the complexities of contest rules and regulations that vary by country, international tax laws, and travel requirements – we choose to limit this to USA and Canada.  We know that that there are a lot of great developers throughout the world, and some people outside of the USA and Canada are building some really cool add-ins and sharing them via the Developers Forum on the community site. 

Add-ins for Windows Home Server can help extend the customer experiences in the digital home. Two types of add-ins are applicable for the Code2Fame Challenge: software add-ins and hardware components. Windows Home Server and the Windows Home Server SDK enable the development of rich software solutions for the home that can combine always available services, configuration UI, Web applications, and applications that run on a home computer and interact with Windows Home Server.

The clock is ticking, entries must be postmarked by Saturday, August 25, 2007, and actually received by Microsoft by Friday, August 31, 2007.  Looking forward to seeing some great add-ins.


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