One for the books…

Per Philip Churchill's blog...looks like we'll see a "Windows Home Server for Dummies" book come December, written by Woody Leonhard. Apparently Woody is looking for content and topic suggestions, too.  Philip is collecting ideas for Woody, so be sure to weigh in over on  Ian Dixon of The Digital Lifestyle and Media Center Show tells me he is working on a book, too. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Following my previous post , Andrew Edney in the UK let us know he’s writing a Home Server book, as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    An entire book on Windows Home Server! Awesome!

    I too am writing about Windows Home Server in my upcoming release with Microsoft Press: Windows Vista Home Networking. Although it’s only a chapter’s worth of information, I hope it helps get the word out about the product and is enough to help people get started with it. The book is due to be released in September.

    Joli Ballew

    Breakthrough Windows Vista (MS Press)

    Office 2007 Solutions (Wiley)

    CNet Do-it-Yourself Mac Projects (McGraw-Hill)

    Degunking Windows (Paraglyph Press) Computer Book of the Year 2005

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