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Some of the team was in New York City this week, demonstrating and explaining Home Server to consumer press.  We outfitted a beautiful apartment in Greenwich Village with Home Server, Vista PCs, Xbox, Zune players, plasma TVs, etc. and showcased the product in family scenarios, e.g. mom and dad's home office, the teen in the media/living room, even "grandma" remotely accessing pictures and home video. We had images of our own families streaming to the Xbox and big screen, in order to drive home the family story.  The idea was to show Home Server in its natural environs, and I think we succeeded.  We also fed them a lot of good food 🙂

It was a great event and a lot of fun to show Home Server to journalists who really understand and write for our target market of families.  The majority absolutely agreed that the timing is right for a solution like this.  And while they write for magazines like Martha Stewart Living or Family Circle, many of them know their tech!  There were some lively discussions around security and data replication.  Many noted the event was not a typical corporate event, too, which is always nice to hear.  Most of these press work on long publishing cycles, so we're looking forward to seeing the resulting articles in the coming months.  Wilson Rothman from Gizmodo was there and posted some of his learnings.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    By Ian Dixon (21.7mb 1Hour 3min) – Go to TheDigitalLifestyle.com for the full Media Center Show experience

  2. Anonymous says:

    By Ian Dixon (21.7mb 1Hour 3min) Direct Download Link – Subscribe via iTunes [mp3]http://thedigitallifestyle.com/audio/TDL_MediaCenter_20070503_106.mp3[/mp3]

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw the images on Gizmodo. And noticed an icon for Recorded tv to the server for sharing.

    Perhaps you could explain a little about this. Like for instance, Will it enable play back of protected tv shows accross the network as long as the recording was done from a mce on the network?

    Basically a little about how this feature works would be great.


  4. Anonymous says:

    You know, if you’re going to be holding all these Home Server press events in New York, I’d really love to be there.  Just saying.

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