To Russia with Love

Thanks for all of the great feedback on the Broadband Conundrum post.  I learned a lot about the variety of offerings from around the world.  Feel free to keep the feedback coming ...

Valeri Liborski and Sasha Dadiomov, two members of the Windows Home Server team, did a Channel 9 video in Russian.  Check it out at:  We have 290 beta testers in Russia, and I just wanted to thank them for submitting some interesting bugs and fabulous suggestions / feature requests.

Also, Ed Bott, just posted a review of the CTP (Community Technology Preview) build on his web site, entitled "Microsoft hits a home run with Windows Home Server".  Check it out at:  Or if you like cricket better than baseball, I guess this could be entitled "Microsoft gets a 6 with Windows Home Server" - but that would probably confuse people that don't know anything about cricket, and would assume that we were using a 10 point scale.



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