To Russia with Love

Thanks for all of the great feedback on the Broadband Conundrum post.  I learned a lot about the variety of offerings from around the world.  Feel free to keep the feedback coming …

Valeri Liborski and Sasha Dadiomov, two members of the Windows Home Server team, did a Channel 9 video in Russian.  Check it out at:  We have 290 beta testers in Russia, and I just wanted to thank them for submitting some interesting bugs and fabulous suggestions / feature requests.

Also, Ed Bott, just posted a review of the CTP (Community Technology Preview) build on his web site, entitled “Microsoft hits a home run with Windows Home Server”.  Check it out at:  Or if you like cricket better than baseball, I guess this could be entitled “Microsoft gets a 6 with Windows Home Server” – but that would probably confuse people that don’t know anything about cricket, and would assume that we were using a 10 point scale.



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