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Very detailed review of Home Server on Techgage here.  Maybe the most in-depth I've seen yet.  Reviewer Colin Huckstep says Home Server is in many ways a "NAS device with a brain."  Nice turn of phrase.  He also notes we're making a "valiant effort at getting home users to start doing regular backups."  Amen. Our research shows a majority of PC users suffer from backup guilt, as we say.  They know they should, but they just can't make themselves do it one PC at a time.  And restore isn't always, shall we say, a rewarding experience. 

Longtime industry observer Rob Enderle posted an interesting piece on EE Times suggesting MS and some of the other usual industry suspects are quickly encroaching on the cable industry's domain.  He critiques all the players (as usual), but calls MS the "potential game changer" and says Home Server's centralized storage capabilities could provide what others lack...calling them "very interesting and arguably best in class."  Pretty high praise from a smart, tough customer.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for info on reviews . I have read Paul Thurrott’s and the Tech Gage reviews and the downloadable reviewer’s guide. I would love to get into public beta program. I am familiar with bug reporting on connect website having beta tested vista and office 2007 .

    I have applied at connect website with my main email address johnvclifford at Can you help get me into beta please?

    Love to use shared storage ( have 2 ethernet attached hard drives. I just installed cat 6 cable and 2 gigabit switches to enable media streaming to my new 47 inch 1080 capable HDTV. I have used HTPC’s and looking to see how home server can complement Vista media center capabilities.

    I would also like to see how easy backup and file sharing will be for my  less tech savvy wife.

    I hope the ease of use on Home Server is better than UAC dialogs on Vista..

    Thanks for the info and any help you can provide to get into beta. PS I work as a training and team development consultant and have helped facilite Insights Discovery for part of the Q team recently at Microsoft campus.

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