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Remember the Scorpions? What was it about German-accented heavy metal lyrics that made the music that much more...well...awesome?  Speaking of Germany and global sensations, Windows Home Server made a big splash at the CeBit conference in Hannover this week, with showfloor demonstrations and lots of press. CeBit is bigger than the gi-normous Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, which is slightly terrifying.

Meanwhile, in the UK Ian Dixon has posted a great, two-part video walkthrough of Windows Home Server on his Digital Lifestyle Video Show, with multiple viewing options. 

Moving southeast, down in Australia David Flynn published a great story on Home Server in leading enthusiast magazine APC. The story isn't online yet, but Flynn writes that while there are some existing home servers on the market, "none offer the ease of set up, management and hands-free running promised by Windows Home Server."



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi team,

    I’ve visited the Microsoft booth on the cebit. The booth was amazing, but the Windows Home Server area was a little bit small. Only one shuttle barebone installed with WHS… I was a bit disappointed … hopefully we will get more information in the next weeks.

    See ya


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