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Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are a great bunch of people.  The annual MVP Global Summit is taking place this week at Microsoft, and I have been spending time with people from all over the world showing them Windows Home Server, and getting their feedback and input on what is missing. 

Over 200 of the MVPs are fervent beta testers of Windows Home Server and as a group they are responsible for finding quite a few bugs and submitting some great suggestions.  We spent Monday doing a product deep dive with them and answered question after question over 4 hours.  I have spent the last couple of days going to meet individually with different groups of MVPs with various areas of expertise.

Currently, Windows Home Server does not have its own set of MVPs, as we cannot register Windows Home Server as an area of expertise until we ship our first version.  I am looking forward to working directly with a core group of MVPs next year that will elect Windows Home Server to be their primary area of expertise.  We are also looking to keep the relationship alive with MVPs that stay with their current product, but are interested in registering Windows Home Server as a secondary interest.

Tomorrow we will do another deep dive 4 hour session on Windows Home Server with a group of MVPs that is staying over an extra day to learn about the product and provide us feedback. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you advertise the Monday 4-hour session at all? The C++ sessions were pretty weak, I really wish I’d heard of the WHS deep dive as I would have definitely attended (I was in town already on Monday and could have made plans to get to downtown Seattle early).

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