If you build it…they will come

There seems to be increased buzz around home automation lately.  Here's an article out of the Middle East that says the region's building boom is driving an uptake in smart home technology, citing analyst firm In-Stat's prediction that the digital home server market will grow to the value of US$17 billion in 3 years.

I just saw some Forrester survey data that indicated 10% of people with home networks currently use them to program heating or air conditioning systems via PC or Internet and 5% use their home network to program their appliances.  Not huge numbers yet, but not insignificant, either.  Enter Windows Home Server running third party applications to boost those numbers in the not too distant future?

Of course, there are always concerns with new technology. Keith Regan of TechNewsWorld posted an article outlining the "ten scary things about home networking," e.g. costs, getting hacked or even a home meltdown a la Ray Bradbury's  "There Will Come Soft Rains." 

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi aside, yes, there's a reason they call it the bleeding edge.  But as one of the venture capitalists quoted in Regan's article says, problems create opportunities for those who have solutions. 


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