The Tinkerer’s Dilemma

With Windows Home Server we have seen some people talk about (and do) some pretty crazy things.  Since the software is available through the OEM and System Builder channels – people can build their own home servers.  Some people just load it up and use it as intentioned.  Other people try to tear it apart…


Windows Home Server Knowledge Base article

We just published a Knowledge Base (KB) article on Microsoft Help and Support:  “Editing files using certain applications may cause file corruption on a system running Windows Home Server (946676)”.  A few people in the Community Forums have reported data corruption when saving files from applications including Windows Vista  Photo Gallery, Windows Live Photo Gallery,…


Product Support

Since Windows Home Server was released as a product through the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer or “hardware manufacturer”) and System Builder channels the primary support responsibilities fall on the OEMs and System Builders.  Our OEMs work closely with Microsoft through their Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and the Microsoft Support team to escalate issues, provide “repro”…


Windows Home Server Enthusiasts

The fun part of building a new product and creating a new category is that cool people start using your product and start sharing all of the cool things they are doing with it.  Brendan Grant is putting together some new Windows Home Server Add-Ins and sharing some great development tips.  You can check out his sites at:…


Piloter mon habitat

Check out the  On10 video about Omwave’s cool Add-in to create mood lighting in the home.  Omwave is based in France and has a Home Server product call the OM Server – WGS provides a good overview. J


Are you a household hero?

I have attended many different events this year and talked to lots of people about Windows Home Server.   It has been both exciting and rewarding as I get to share my knowledge and hear other people’s stories about their use of Windows Home Server. Windows Home Server fills a gap that has been missing in…


Life Imitating Art or Art Imitating Life?

Someone forwarded this photo of a puppy peeing on a laptop to us. Please compare this photo to the following page from the hit Children’s book Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?    I sure hope whoever’s laptop that was had a Windows Home Server. By the way, we’ve posted another video…


We Got Served Awards

Our friend Terry Walsh has kicked off the inaugural We Got Served Awards for three Windows Home Server categories: best hardware, best commercial software, and best community Add-In. Vote for your favorites by Christmas and get in on a prize drawing! J


Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?

Earlier I posted about our new ad campaign "Stay at Home Servers" and pointed you at the videos (the first of which are getting rave reviews). Yesterday we posted the full contents of the hit Children’s book "Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?" for your online reading pleasure. The printed version will…